Meeting Agenda Templates

Searching for Meeting Agenda Templates?

Then look no further! Since all meetings are different, it is important that you have a general guide to follow, ensuring that you cover all important and required topics for the meeting. As a reference, here are a few same meeting agendas for you to review and use as a guide when creating your own agenda.

Meeting Agenda Examples:

meeting agenda example

Tips for writing an agenda:

  • Insert start and end time for each topic
  • Make sure to set aside and insert time for breaks
  • Have colleagues or other participants review your agenda
  • Make sure to include preparation task
  • Remember to distribute the agenda to participants before the meeting.

If you still have difficulty developing your own agenda, meeting management systems like MeetingBooster, come pre-loaded with a variety of meeting agenda templates like sales and board meetings, business and staff meetings and many more.

Meeting Agenda Templates

Although you can find a few meeting agenda templates online, Meeting Booster's meeting agenda templates are ready to use right out of the box, and cover several types of meeting. There are templates used for standard business or staff meetings, as well as specific meeting agendas.

MeetingBooster allows you to customize your own meeting agenda templates, helping to streamline meeting processes within your organization. MeetingBooster allows users to either create a custom agenda or save it as a meeting agenda template, or access previous meeting agendas to be used as the foundation for the new agenda. Meeting agenda templates can then be shared with colleagues to help align meeting procedures.

Improve Accountability with Meeting Agenda Templates

Looking to improve accountability? MeetingBooster provides users with task oriented features such as pre-meeting tasks lists, status updates, agenda reminders and more. This combined with meeting agenda templates helps hosts and attendees to better prepare for a meeting, improving the meetings effectiveness.

Using MeetingBooster to write your agenda:

  • Electronic topic suggestion system for participants
  • Easy and effective tool to write and agenda
  • Powerful time distribution tool
  • Allocate pre meeting tasks
  • Automatic distribution of agenda